Caitlyn Jenner shuts Ricky Gervais down in tense run-in after his gags about her - Too Interesting

Caitlyn Jenner shuts Ricky Gervais down in tense run-in after his gags about her

Caitlyn and Ricky had an awkward showdown on the NTAs red carpet after his gags about her – according to Roman Kemp

Caitlyn Jenner clashed with Ricky Gervais on the NTAs red carpet after his gags about her.

The pair were said to have beef after the comedian ripped into the former athlete throughout the entirety of the Humanity Tour which swept the globe.

Fellow I’m A Celeb camp mate Roman Kemp explained Caitlyn hadn’t made a secret of her dislike for the star in the jungle.

So it’s no wonder the presenter nervously watched how the “most awkward encounter ever” played out when Ricky and Caitlyn rubbed shoulders at the NTAs.

But Ricky denied claims Caitlyn “snubbed” him and reports it was “awkward” as he gushed over the star for being “lovely and gracious”.

Meanwhile, Martin John Kemp’s son said Caitlyn didn’t stick around to chat to Gervais after he went out of his way to introduce himself to the jungle star.

He said on Wednesday’s Capital Breakfast: “And it happened… the most awkward encounter ever, Ricky Gervais reaches out his hand and says, “Caitlyn, so lovely to meet you.” Caitlyn literally looks out the corner of her eyes and goes “yeah.”

Roman set the scene with his recollection Holly Willoughby, Phillip Schofield and Graham Norton were all watching on as the showdown took place.

Well informed of their feud from Caitlyn’s side, Roman couldn’t tear his eyes away from the encounter playing in front of his eyes.

He said: “Oh my god, she’s going to shake his hand! This is really happening!

“Ricky’s gonna say something to her! What’s gonna say? OH my word! They’re about to talk to each other.”

Having spent nearly three weeks in the jungle, Roman made it clear he was made very aware of the tension between Caitlyn and Gervais.

He said: “It came up a few times in the jungle. Someone would say “oh I love The Office” and she’s just have this stare of just like “no”.

“In Caitlyn’s mind, she has that constant hashtag of #RickyGervaisiscancelledparty, do you know what I mean? That is it.”

Ricky had a very different story to tell and he didn’t let Roman have the last say as he claimed there was no truth in the presenter’s reports.

The funnyman heaped on the praise as he called Caitlyn “lovely” and he insisted she didn’t snub him at the glittering event.

On Twitter, he wrote: “This is absolutely false. She was lovely and gracious. She said she loved my Golden Globes monologue & I said I loved her stint in I’m a Celebrity. And that was it. No snubbing. No awkwardness. No rudeness.

Ricky has been known to unleash his sharp tongue on the great and the good of the showbiz world.So of course Caitlyn has been no exception to the comedian’s vicious words.The Mirror has approached Caitlyn Jenner’s representatives for further comment.

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