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Inside Jennifer Aniston’s $21m home with dreamy walk-in wardrobe and ocean views

Jennifer Aniston’s home is a spectacle to marvel at with its walk-in wardrobe, ocean views from the balcony and wine cellar

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most beautiful and successful actresses in Hollywood.

Naturally her $21million (£16million) Bel Air home is fit for a leading movie star with its amazing location, dreamy walk-in wardrobe and an incredible pool.

The four-bedroom six-bathroom mansion is set in the midst of around two glorious acres of land boasting of opulent ocean views from the balcony.

As we enter awards season and it’s the first year Jen has had Instagram , the Friends star is sharing a slew of photographs giving a good look at her glamorous home.

A look at one of her six bathrooms shows the luxury comforts her pad provides.

Her bathroom oozes sophistication as it is decked out with the sparkling marble tiling and marble bathtub to match.

In an astonishing “morning after” snap, Jen triumphantly rests her SAG Award on the edge of her marble bathtub while she discards her slip-on dress and heels on the floor.

As a leading lady in Hollywood, her dressing room and walk-in wardrobe is a spectacle to marvel at.

Jen turns her walk-in wardrobe into a catwalk where she can strut her stuff down the corridor and assemble all the different elements of her outfit.

The sheer amount of dresses and ensembles is a sight to envy as three open wardrobes packed with clothes, bags and shoes are lined up in her dressing room.

To ensure her make-up and hair is on point for the awards, Jen can take a seat at her neat vanity table complete with a mirror adorned with bulbous lights.

Against the wall is a bureau which has an oval mirror resting on top and great for additional storage space for the telly star.

Taking her catwalks outside, Jen has plenty of space on her balcony which overlooks the cityscape and the ocean.

The idyllic backdrop captures the luscious greenery growing and thriving on the plot of land surrounding her splendid pad.

Other incredible features of the mansion include a guest house and wine cellar.

As for her kitchen, it’s a modern masterpiece complete with islands perfect for cooking and lots of cupboard space.

It is the home where she held her 50th birthday party, having invited all of her Hollywood friends including her ex-husband Brad Pitt.

Jen and Brad remain amicable since their split in 2005 and their friendship came to light last year.

Fans are hoping they will get back together after they were seen at the SAG Awards looking cosy.

Jen lives at her Bel Air home with her dogs following her split from her latest husband Justin Theroux.

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