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Jason Momoa’s ‘creepy’ Super Bowl ad leaves us scared and confused as he’s revealed as bald man

Jason Momoa had us clutching our pearls in confusion when his Super Bowl 2020 ad had him unveil himself as scrawny and bald. The advertisement was for Rocket Mortgage (a popular online lender In the US) and had the Aquaman actor talk about being able to ‘be comfortable in his own skin’ when he gets back home. ‘Rocket Mortgage understands that home is where I can be myself, and that feels pretty darn good,’ he said. While talking to the camera about the comfort of his house, he begins, uh, removing his muscles. Yes, that includes his abs. The star sits down on the couch before removing his wig to expose a bald scalp with wispy hair on the sides. Wow, Khal Drogo really let himself go


Jason Momoa and Lisa Boney


The end of the clip – if you managed to get yourself through it – has wife Lisa Bonet spot him as he attempts to work out and it’s the stuff of nightmares. Fans were just as confused by Jason’s tomfoolery considering a lot of his reputation was built on his giant muscles and long hair. Imagine a skinny Dwayne Johnson. You can’t, can you? One fan commented: ‘This is NOT what I was expecting from the Rocket Mortgage commercial with Jason Momoa’ along with a few crying face emojis.


‘I hate Rocket Mortgage for making me see Jason Momoa that way!’ another wrote and we’re feeling similarly. Another viewer joked: ‘I was thrilled, albeit confused when they asked me to be the body of Jason Momoa for a Superbowl commercial. But, after seeing the finished product…Idk how I feel about it.’ ‘That #SuperBowlLIV commercial for rocket mortgage with Jason Momoa was funny but man him being really skinny is so creepy,’ another added.

On the bright side, scrawny Jason was just an unsettling dream and we can get through this together.


source : metro.co.uk

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