Michael O'Leary says Muslim men should be profiled at airports as 'bombers' will generally be of a Muslim persuasion - Too Interesting

Michael O’Leary says Muslim men should be profiled at airports as ‘bombers’ will generally be of a Muslim persuasion

Ryanair’s boss said Muslim men should be profiled at airports because ‘that is where the risk is coming from’.

Chief executive Michael O’Leary argued it would generally be ‘males of a Muslim persuasion’ to be flagged under the terror prevention system.

The 58-year-old also called for checks on families to be relaxed as they are less likely to ‘blow them all up’.

In an interview with The Times, he said: “Who are the bombers? They are going to be single males travelling on their own.

“If you are travelling with a family of kids, on you go; the chances you are going to blow them all up is zero.

You can’t say stuff, because it’s racism, but it will generally be males of a Muslim persuasion. Thirty years ago it was the Irish. If that is where the threat is coming from, deal with the threat.

MPs and charities have slammed the businessman, who has worked for Ryanair for more than 30 years, accusing him of Islamophobia and whipping up racial hatred.

A spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain said Mr O’Leary openly advocated for discrimination against males who presumably look or act like a Muslim.

Khalid Mahmood

They added: This is the very definition of Islamophobia.

Khalid Mahmood, the Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Barr, who is also a Muslim, pointed out that followers of the religion are not just from one race. 

He said: He’s effectively saying ‘everyone is game – if they look like a Muslim then they must be a terrorist’.

It doesn’t improve community relations; it gives succour to people of a fascist mindset. In Germany this week a white person killed eight people.


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