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Sickening footage captures moment dog cries as it is barbecued alive at market

DISTRESSING IMAGE WARNING: A video of a dog being barbecued alive and another having boiling water poured on it has been released by campaigners calling for an end to the dog meat industry

A dog was covered in boiling water and another was barbecued alive in a Chinese meat market.

A video of the canine’s gruesome demise has been shared by campaigners as they prepare to march on the country’s embassy in London and call for the end to the industry.

The graphic footage shows the animal barking and yelping while covered in blood on the barbecue grill.

A pair of men chat and laugh nearby while the life is drained from the animal.

Another video shows boiling water being poured across a half-bald dog.


Harrowing footage of dog meat markets have been released by campaigners

China’s dog meat trade has come under increased scrutiny in recent years.


Harrowing footage from this year’s Yulin festival shows hounds – mostly stray dogs or stolen pet dogs – trapped in tiny cages where they can’t stand or breathe properly.

A hound is placed across a barbecue grill

They are then taken to a slaughterhouse in Yulin, Guangxi province of south-west China.

The distressed dogs were left with little food or water and have become malnourished while being kept in a dark warehouse.

Although it is not a traditional celebration, the event was heavily promoted by the Yulin government for driving tourism back in 2010 and dog traders deemed it a business opportunity to boost meat sales.


Dogs are kept in awful conditions


Only 20% of the population of China regularly eats dog meat


Roughly 10 million dogs and four million cats are slaughtered every year in the People’s Republic.

Before their deaths they have to endure a torrid time, having been stolen from back yards, crammed into cages on the back of lorries and driven for days with no food or water.

Despite the large number of dog deaths in the country, only 20% of the population regularly eats canine, according to Humane Society International.


Mutts are kept in tiny, cramped cages


Keith Guo, a media officer for PETA Asia, told Mirror Online that dog traders hit the dogs in the head with a rod and blow-torch them to burn their coats before boiling them in hot water to remove any remaining fur.

He said: “Most of the time, the dogs are not killed instantly but are knocked unconscious when the vendors batter them in the head.

“The dogs wake up when they were being boiled or blow-torched alive.

“Some of them are slashed in the throat to have the blood drained from the body.

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